Quality Dyeing and Finishing (Pvt.) Ltd. is an ultra modern hosiery fabric processing unit, which is a part of our textile group established since 1992. Its comprehensive range of facilities include knitting, dyeing and finishing departments. It also has a dyeing laboratory and a meticulous quality control division. We have a regular maintenance team and an efficient administration that ensures smooth functioning and quality production at all times. Our understanding of the international markets and client insight has helped us to tailor our facilities to meet their specific needs and demands. In addition, our efficient approval process and strict quality control at all stages has given us an edge in the business.

Why Quality Dyeing and Finishing?

At Quality Dyeing and Finishing, we believe in delighting our customers by providing high quality fabrics. Our team of departments has made their statements possible through professionalism , dedication and approach of continuous improvements in their fields...


A fleet of knitting machines including Mayer and CIE, Fukuhara Pailung of various configurations, are utilized to produce the widest possible product mix. Be it jersey, fleece, pique, rib or terry, our group manufactures all kinds of fabrics in single knit, double knit and interlock patterns. We also have a wide range of flat knit machines for plain and full jacquard trims, such as collars and cuffs.


With state of the art machinery from Italy and Germany, QDF Dyeing Department is fully equipped to deliver optimum results as per the requirements. The installation of Thermoelectronica Dosing System ensures perfect standardization through automatically controlled dosing of chemicals. The imported Reverse Osmosis Plant provides clinically pure water necessary to keep these machines producing quality products. The capacity of this department is 14 Tons per day.


We take pride in recreating and matching whatever shades our clients demand. Our cutting edge Dyeing Laboratory uses Spectrophotometer to break down a shade and translate it into a recipe. Solutions based on this recipe are dispensed through Autolab, (a scientific method of delivering the exact amount of dye needed) and the fabric is then dyed and matched with the original, until the exact shade has been recreated also carries out testing of all incoming materials like chemicals and dyes.


The true test of a fabric is in its finishing. At Quality Dyeing and Finishing, this aspect of production receives its due importance. With specialized, imported machinery of open width finishing, QDF is capable of delivering any kind of finish required, including Teflon, Flame, Proofing, Moisture Management, Wrinkle Free, Silicon Soft and Resin Finishes.

Quality Control

A specially designated Quality Control team, independent of all other departments, monitors each consignments from the procurement of best quality yarn, through checks at knitting, dyeing until the final delivery. Physical testing of fabric for shrinkage, color fastness, pilling etc is carried out at Quality Control Lab. A final check is accomplished at the Inspection Machine which applies a J.C Penny 4 point penalty system.


The Marketing Department at QDF believes in living up to the adage of its Vision and Mission. The department is engaged in acquiring the best of products/services by precisely identifying the potential suppliers and service providers and facilitating the ensuing procedures. These range from price negotiations to procurement of assets and services. Thus, this department distinctively marks itself not only as an arranging force of the company requirements for goods and services but also acts as a channel of communication between the suppliers and QDF.

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Single Jersey

Single Jersey, Single Pique, Double Tuck Pique (Honey Comb), Three Tuck Pique (Locast), Twill, Popcorn, Herring Bone Creap, Texture Fabrics, Two Thread Fleece

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Three Thread Fleece

Three Thread Fleece (ranging from 270 to 400 gms)

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Inter Rib

Rib Interlock, Thermal, Mini Thermal, Mesh Automan, Texture Fabrics

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Plain Rib 1x1, 2x2 Rib, Variegated Rib (ranging from 2x2 Rib upto 12x1), Flat Back Rib

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Plain Interlock, Drop Needle Interlock (ranging from 6x1 upto 15x3)

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MCS 1200KG

High Temperature Single Rope Dyeing Machine

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High Temperature Multi Rope Dyeing Machine.

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Air Liquid Multi-Flow Dyeing Machine.

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4 Chamber 120 inches wide Stenter for Heat Setting Open width Finishing with Bianca weft Straightening Equipment.

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90 inches width for compaction of Knitted Fabric to get Minimum Shrinkage.

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Compactor and Dryer

Tubular and open width dryer 120" Inches.

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Auto Lab Dispenser

80 Bottles tube less for Reactive Dispenser.

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Spectro Photometer

SF 650 with DCI Match Color Tools Software.

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Light Box

5 different Light Sources for Shade Evaluation.